About Us

About us…..Tim, Bill and Greg

Over 50 years ago…. We were real choir BOYS! Obviously, we’ve physically outgrown the term boys….. but not our desire to sing and harmonize together. We first met at the age of 9 when auditioning for The Paulist Choir of Chicago, an all boys and men’s choir that was world famous in its day. While the Choir was a very important part of our lives, and shaped us for adulthood and our respective careers, the lifelong friendships that we developed were by far …simply put….” Priceless”. In our early teens, if we weren’t singing at Orchestra Hall or for some international dignitary who might be in town…. we’d be trying to recreate some of the music on the radio. Folk music was all the rage in the early 1960’s and we all dreamed as young teenagers that with a little luck, we’d become popular “folk singers” …. that is, until 1964. The Beatles changed all that…

Fast Forward…….
…..about 15 years ago, the opportunity afforded itself to, as they say….. “put the band back together”. We dusted off the instruments and started work on recreating the acoustic and easy listening sounds of the 60s and early 70’s. They say it’s always better the second time around….. for us this statement holds a tremendous amount of truth.
Our experiences in the choir instilled upon us the need to give back to the community whenever possible. Over the years we’ve found ourselves helping churches, synagogues and charities raise funds through our performances so,…… we decided that we should make that our mission… “to help others in need through our music.” We hope you’ll have the opportunity to come out to one of our performances and at the same time…. help out a worthwhile charity in their efforts to do good.

Click Here to view our video “documentary” that hopefully captures what we’ve just tried to express in words.